City-Wide Residual System

Developed exclusively for and by Mosquito Control of Iowa in August of 2004, the City-Wide Residual system was designed in response the unseasonably cold, rainy, and windy conditions this summer that made normal evening adulticide sprayings difficult, if not impossible.  This system has the benefit of not requiring mosquito activity during spraying, and can be done during daylight hours, giving us a wider window of opportunity to spray.  During testing in early August 2004, it was so successful that we added a second unit, and with its continued success, we will be adding it to our Full Program for 2005 and ensuing years.  Not only has this been effective in response to adverse weather, it has also proven effective in spraying hatching locations because it kills the females before they can lay the eggs.  We have found many of these locations in residential back yards within city limits.

In-City Hatching Grounds

In-town hatching area habitat
(note can in top left)

Tires are sprayed to prevent
adults from laying eggs


Close-up the below-left bush showing an
old stove that contains standing water

Close-up of the wheelbarrow from bush shown
below.  Note the standing water.


Mosquitoes lay eggs
in city drainage systems

Several hatching sites and habitats in one area
(see close-ups above)

The City-Wide Residual System In Action

Spray can penetrate deep into drain grate

Narrow spray penetrates into the bush to cover all
hatching and habitat areas


ORLAS system for continuous
short distance spraying

Spray can reach high into the treetops


Different spray tip settings being used for close up or deep penetration into foliage.


Notice how far into the foliage the spray is getting


System is effective up to 25 feet from the spray vehicle


Coverage from both side of the vehicle


Different spray patterns for different needs.
Narrow pattern for distance,
Wide pattern for close-up work.

Deep into the foliage


This chemical does not adversely affect paint on cars or other objects.  As a demonstration of faith, the boss let us cover his Corvette in chemical.  If he is not worried about it, you shouldn't be either.