Brief History of Mosquito Control of Iowa

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We at Mosquito Control of Iowa have been spraying mosquitoes for over 30 years with over 98% renewal of contracts.

We originated and continue to improve the “ ENHANCED FULL PROGRAM” which uses the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) concept of surveying, monitoring, identification, larvaciding, adulticiding, and barrier.

We have the most comprehensive line of equipment including several ULVs and TUG units that allows us to spray cities in less time while weather conditions are optimum.

We have ATVs and backpacks that can be used for larvaciding and adulticiding in off road areas.

For barrier control we have LPG (Liquid Power Gun), air blast sprayers mounted on trucks and four wheelers. We have designed and built the ORLAS (Off Road Large Area Sprayer), RAS (Residual Alley Sprayer), and P26 (City Wide Residual).

We are licensed and certified by the state of Iowa and Minnesota. We are also certified by the state of Florida in droplet analysis and sprayer calibration.

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