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At MCI we currently spray from Memorial day to Labor day.
Weather is dependent on effective spray dates and can sometimes vary to shortern/lengthen an effective season.
If you have a Mosquito problem always feel free to notify us as soon as possible.

Welcome To Mosquito Control of Iowa (MCI)

     MCI has been spraying mosquitoes for over 40 years with over 98% renewal of contracts in Iowa. Our Company continues to improve the “ ENHANCED FULL PROGRAM” which uses the Integrated Pest Management(IPM) concept of surveying, monitoring, identification, larvaciding, adulticiding, and barrier. Mosquito Control of Iowa is licensed and certified by the state of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. We are also certified by the state of Florida in droplet analysis and sprayer calibration.

     Not all Mosquito Control programs are alike. With 42 Years of experience, Using the Integrated Pest Management and building specific equipment. We have established the most comprehensive program for controlling the mosquito species of the Mid-West States.

     MCI has designed programs for Municipalities, Commercial Properties and Home-Owner residents. These programs are designed for season long control or special event projects.

     When dealing with MCI your working with the largest Mosquito Control Company. Providing contract spraying, chemical, equipment, sales and service.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Larvacidingimg BarrierControlimg Adulticidingimg


     Larvacide can last from a few hours to many days, depending on the product. Reading and following the label instructions as to when to apply the product and to see how long it lasts is very important.

Barrier/Surface Control

     Years ago, it was discovered that by applying a perimeter strip of barrier protection, mosquitoes, while they were physically capable, would refrain from flying across the barrier, thus giving an area of protection. This proved exceptionally effective for campgrounds, animal shelters and lots, parks, and other areas where it was not feasible to put insecticide directly onto the site to be protected.


     Because of the extremely small amounts of material used for "fogging", once it has drifted through and area and controlled the mosquitoes, there is no residual material left in the area. Repeat applications can be made as often as the label allows.


     We have the most comprehensive line of equipment including ULVs and TUG units that allows us to spray cities in less time while weather conditions are optimum. We have various types of equipment used for larvaciding and adulticiding in off-road areas as well as barrier control to meet your extended needs.

Mosquito Control Program Needs

- Surveying of Mosquito Habitats

- Mapping of Problem Areas

- Surveying of Mosquito     Populations

- Mosquito Identification

- Monitoring and Charting

- Larvacding

- Adult Control

- Licensing and Record Keeping