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     We use GPS tracking in all of our spray vehicles. By using this, we can get an overhead view of the town map,
pre-plan our routes, change routes on the fly (due to road construction and such), maintain a better handle
on your location for communication with other sprayers in town, visually see where you have already sprayed and where you still need to spray, and facilitate in communication with town citizens when they are
attempting to point us to a particular location for special care.

Gps Tracking and Monitoring

GPS image1 GPS image2 GPS image3

Delorme Street Atlas

     MCI utilizes a program called Delorme Street atlas it provides the Driver with real-time tracking of their location and current speed while they treat a town. Delorme Street atlas also provides a trail as to where the Driver has been allowing MCI to ensure we have covered every avenue of approach. These files are then saved after completion of a town for later reference. Although the software is no longer on the market, we still continue to update our maps to ensure that no new developments are being missed.

Verizon Connect Reveal

     The Second Software / hardware we utilize is Verizon Connect Reveal. This provides our office with the ability to track all the trucks current location, direction and speed simultaneously. This allows us to dispatch accordingly and ensure all jobs are being completed in an accurate and timely manner. Verizon provides a detailed instant replay that our office can review at a later time